Cast and Crew

Additional Production Credits

Ken Carlson – Director, Executive Producer, Screenwriter, Editor, Prop Master, Storyboard Artist, Slate, Camera Operator, 1st Assistant Camera, Steadicam Operator, Grrip, Gaffer, Location Manager, Location Scout, Costume Designer, Line Producer

Travis Blood – Director of Photography, Camera Operator, 1st Assistant Camera, Producer, Prop Master, Data Wrangler, Slate, Gaffer, Steadicam Operator, Grip, Location Scout.

Sean Driscoll – Production Assistant, Slate, Sound, Screenwriter, Assistant Director, Producer, Prop Master, Art Director, Location Scout, Costume Designer

James McEwan – Sound, VFX Artist, Straw Man Mask Construction, Straw Man Costume design, Prop Maker, Slate

Chad Thomason – Marvin, 1st Assistant Camera, Camera Operator, Gaffer, Slate, Jib Master, Grip

Andy McIntyre – Bear Devil, Camera Operator, Lighting Department, 1st Assistant Camera, Gaffer, Steadicam Operator, Grip

Sabrina Erskin – Slate, Makeup, Sound, Hairstylist, Production Assistant

Emma Lucille Marshall – Makeup Artist, Special Effects Makeup

Hannah Lund – Photographer, Makeup Artist, Special Effects Makeup

Drew Gallwas – Videographer

Allison Hanelt – Craft Services

Lyquoc Vo – Gaffer, Camera Operator, 1st Assistant Camera, Steadicam Operator

Jessi Williams – Cafe Server, Sound, Slate, Production Assistant

Brandon Cartwright – Videographer, Production Assistant

For more cast and crew, please visit Penny Palabras (IMDB)